An immersive and elevated brand experience crafted in joy, that’s what I’m here for.

I believe in timeless design for modern brands. My focus is on developing print and digital assets that are a combination of sophisticated and playful, wild and wise. A creative business owner, I also deeply understand the courage required to put yourself and your business out there. This is why I create with both art and strategy in mind. 

Hi, I'm Emily.

Not to worry if the last name gives you trouble.

The daughter of a commercial photographer and an elementary school principal, I learned from an early age the visual lexicon and just how far you can bend the rules. Now, I am a creative director, graphic designer, and visual artist based in Nashville, TN.

With a decade of experience in the creative and performing arts, I launched my graphic design services with a vision to help my clients bridge the gap between their digital presence and in-person impact. I partner with creative and luxury businesses who are ready to push their brand's boundaries and craft an immersive experience for their clients. 

With my signature approach, I’ve been proud to work with luxury interior designers, major clothing brands, celebrity stylists, and more, translating their art and culture into a captivating digital presence.

When not in front of a small armada of computer screens, I spend my time building things with my hands, chasing my toddler, and trying to learn how to slow down and appreciate the deep rhythms of life. I am constantly percolating on thoughts and have cluttered my life with digital and physical scraps of paper covered in diagrams and sketches. I simply love to create and make and try.

Areas of Expertise

Brand Creation + Strategy


Digital + Print Collateral

Website Experience + Design

Creative Direction

Template Customization

My Favorite Sources of Inspiration

costume design

I have an extensive background in theatre and theatre design and helped pay for college by working in a costume shop. The detail and intricacies of sewing clothing fascinates me, and that’s nothing compared to the purpose and intention behind every decision in the design.


A life-long reader, I live among shelves and shelves of books. My tastes vary from historical biographies to magical realism to cozy mysteries and about every sub-genre in between. My go-to recommendations are Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn and Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel.

wide open spaces

I won’t turn down a trip to the mountains, but I hate standing at the base of them. Maybe it’s because I was born and raised in Texas, but I want to be able to see for miles. I love wide vistas of rolling hills, terrain filled with trees and creeks, and being able to watch the wind and seasons move across the land.

tim walker photography

Growing up with a photographer dad really made me appreciate the art form. While my photography skills remain firmly at the amateur level, I love looking at photos. When I first happened upon Tim Walker’s images, it was love at first sight. I go back to his deep and whimsical photos over and over.

floral design

The composition of flower arranging is a magical artform, I am sure. My Instagram algorithm is heavily weighted towards florists and floral designers. Floral design seems like a beautiful extension of nature, and it always gives me ideas. It is a constant lesson in how objects near each other develop a story.

How We Can Work Together

Visual Brand Identity

Website Design

Graphic Design

You want the right folks to find you, love you, and share you. I’m here to make that happen. Designing for art-forward brands, my process is centered on meaningful concepts and long-haul strategies.

Direct your ideal audience to a digital home that is inviting, interesting, and immersive. I create visually compelling and strategic websites that keep people coming back whether working from a custom design or customizing a template.

Whether you’re looking for stationery, marketing collateral, or something else entirely, I am happy to help. These client touch points are opportunities for your business to engage, develop trust, and deliver an elevated experience. 

Ready to create a world for your brand where your ideal audience wants to live? 

Let’s collaborate